As one of the first European fashion brands, SELECTED FEMME/HOMME has created a limited-edition cycora® dress. Cycora® regenerated polyester is the breakthrough material from Ambercycle, an innovator in BESTSELLER’s Invest FWD portfolio.

The highly innovative material science company Ambercycle and BESTSELLER share a mission: To transform worn-out clothing into a resource with the greatest possible value.

Specialized in recycling polyester – with virgin polyester usually dependent on petroleum-based resources – Ambercycle’s material cycora® is nothing less than a regenerated alternative to conventional polyester. This means that Ambercycle converts worn-out textiles from consumers and industrial waste into a new innovative material.

Through BESTSELLER’s investment arm, Invest FWD, the Danish fashion group invested in LA-based Ambercycle early on.

“Companies like ours, with ambitious sustainability targets and commitments, must continuously support textile-to-textile recycling innovation to make it an everyday reality. Ambercycle has a technology that is quite unique, using molecular regeneration which is less dependent on energy compared to other recycling processes,” says Camilla Skjønning Jørgensen, BESTSELLER’s Innovation Manager.

“With their ongoing focus on the integral systemic shift, which BESTSELLER also works for, Ambercycle isn’t just an obvious investment case. They’re also a long-term business partner. Simultaneously, the high quality of cycora® definitely matches pristine virgin materials, which the new SELECTED FEMME garment is a prime example of.”

“We’re excited to partner with SELECTED to bring beautiful, high-quality regenerated garments to market. As our technology approaches commercial-scale, we look forward to giving customers accessible, widely available options and alternatives,” says Shay Sethi, co-founder and CEO at Ambercycle.

SELECTED/FEMME dress made with cycora® regenerated material

Remarkable innovation
Working with fibre innovation is nothing new to SELECTED. Over the past years, several innovative fibres have been introduced to the brand’s collections – spearheaded by Louise Lund, Sustainability Manager at SELECTED FEMME/HOMME. Now cycora® regenerated polyester has become the latest addition to SELECTED’s fibre selection.

“Cycora® material is a truly remarkable innovation. It solves a worldwide waste issue by preventing used clothes from ending in landfills and bringing them into a circular system. This will be key in the future of fashion, and we are proud to be on of the first brands to bring this solution to the European market and make it available to shoppers,” Louise Lund comments and continues:

“Circularity has been a key focus for SELECTED for years. We have been educating our designers on designing for circularity – like how we can make garments last longer and promote recyclability. But design is one thing. Using versatile materials with a lower footprint is another way to make a change, and for that we need great innovators like Ambercycle.”

Limited-edition summer dress
The new limited-edition SELECTED FEMME garment, a printed dress made with 50% cycora® mixed with 50% recycled polyester, will be available on SELECTED’s webshop and in select retail stores in Denmark on 13 July.


  • Ambercycle’s cycora® regenerated material is predicted to offset close to half the CO2 emissions associated with virgin-polyester production. Adding in the CO2 avoided from incineration in landfills, the environmental benefits far outweigh traditional petroleum-based textiles.
  • Ambercycle is currently moving towards commercialization of its technology, giving customers accessible and widely available options.
  • SELECTED secured the rights to use BESTSELLER’s first limited delivery of cycora® when they won the first place in BESTSELLER’s internal Circular Design Challenge 2022 during Copenhagen Fashion Week.
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