The Circular Materials Company

Ambercycle regenerates end-of-life textiles into new materials for brands and manufacturers



From loose scraps to worn out t-shirts, we’re consolidating the world’s end-of-life textiles into one centralized ecosystem. Our network of partners enables local and global players to seamlessly redirect their unusable materials back into supply chains.


Ambercycle™ Technology

Ambercycle™ technology unlocks continuous new life cycles for materials traditionally deemed end-of-life. Through our molecular regeneration process, we separate components in complex textiles to create pure raw materials from traditionally difficult-to-recycle streams.


Supply Chain Integration

Ambercycle™ processed materials are reintegrated with existing fashion supply chains, to create the highest quality end products for apparel brands, at global scale. Our products come to life across the fashion, performance, and luxury verticals.


Traceability and End of Life Solutions

The Ambercycle™ Ecosystem is a closed loop system which allows products/materials to flow in continuous loops from one lifecycle to another. By connecting our physical and digital solutions, we are enabling businesses to have impactful solutions for all stages of their product’s lives: past, present, and future.

Ambercycle Commitment

We’re an eclectic team of unique technologists, creatives and operators coming together with the vision of realizing true material harmony. We are committed to reimagining the way humanity interacts with textiles and closing the loop in apparel production and consumption.

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