Los Angeles, Dec 15, 2022 - Ambercycle has successfully diverted over 2.5 million pounds of end-of-life textiles away from landfills in 2022 alone. The post-consumer and post-industrial textile materials were collected from aggregators and garment manufacturers, primarily across the US, Central, and South America. 

Every year, a majority of the world’s 92 million tons of textile waste ends up landfilled or incinerated, leading to GHG emissions and pollution. Ambercycle is building a circular ecosystem where discarded textiles are regenerated into pure raw materials and reintegrated into brand supply chains.  

"Traditionally, post-use textiles collection is fragmented, labor-intensive, and complex. We have spent the past few years trying to understand the underlying reasons why. We think a comprehensive solution involving automated textile sorting, collaborative supply chain partnerships, and simplicity in real world implementation is near." says Shay Sethi, CEO, Ambercycle.

Textile production is the world’s second most polluting industry, with only 15% of textile waste currently being routed through appropriate sorting and recycling channels. Collection of textiles with the requisite fiber and composition characteristics remains one of the most significant barriers to scaling textile-to-textile recycling. The challenges are exacerbated by the logistical constraints of transporting textile waste across multiple locations for sorting, processing and yarn creation. 

Adds Shay Sethi, “This milestone demonstrates the leading role Ambercycle is playing in building the supply-chain ecosystem necessary to achieve scale in the industry. The fashion industry has set significant GHG reduction targets through the increase in use of recycled polyester by 2025. The only way to match this demand is to create an ambitious & sustainable path to scale. By 2025, we aim to rescue 10 million pounds of textile waste cumulatively, furthering Ambercycle's mission to use the materials of the past to build a more circular future." 


About Ambercycle 

Ambercycle's mission is to use the past to build the future. The Ambercycle™ Ecosystem enables the consolidation, regeneration, and reintegration of end-of-life textiles back into supply chains, reducing the extraction of finite resources from the planet.

Media contact: press@ambercycle.com

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