Ambercycle showcased its recycled fabric and recent launches with Zara Athleticz and GANNI at an exclusive Vogue Business event in November spotlighting top emerging circularity solutions.

Photos provided by Heather Shuker and Vogue Business

Ambercycle was thrilled to be among nine startups handpicked by Vogue Business editors to participate in its inaugural Fashion Futures event aimed at spotlighting industry sustainability challenges and circularity solutions, from regenerative textile manufacturing to recycling services.

More than 300 people, including brand executives, startup founders, manufacturers, regulators, and designers, attended the event held at the Design Museum in London. Hosted by Vogue Business editors Hilary Milner and Rachel Cernansky, Fashion Futures offered industry leaders the opportunity to identify shared sustainability goals and learn more about existing circularity technology that can drive progress at scale.

Photos provided by Heather Shuker and Vogue Business

Ambercycle’s Head of Brand, Nava Esmailizadeh, showcased garments from our recent launches with Zara Athleticz and GANNI crafted with our textile-to-textile regenerated polyester cycora® and spoke with industry leaders about how our molecular regenerative technology can enable next-gen materials to be integrated into global supply chains at scale.

Discussions at the event were rooted in a shared commitment to identifying practical solutions to bottlenecks slowing the widespread adoption of circular innovations. Common topics included “capsule fatigue” — the sense of fatigue sustainability advocates feel at seeing so many promising circular innovations launch only in capsule collections without getting further traction from brands — and the important role offtake agreements, such as the one we announced with Inditex in October, play in enabling these innovations to scale.

With more brands committing to reducing their environmental footprint and governments rolling out regulations requiring fashion companies to operate more sustainably, circular innovations will play an increasingly central role in both curbing industry greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the 120 billion tons of textile waste discarded each year.

We were honored to be part of an event dedicated to spotlighting solutions to these industry challenges and to be among a select group of startups representing the future of fashion.

Photos provided by Heather Shuker and Vogue Business
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