At the start of 2022 we had eight people in our compact downtown Los Angeles warehouse, building the foundation of fashion’s future. 

We begin 2023 with a global team, and that same headquarters buzzing with the focused energy of twenty-nine Ambercyclists: technologists, creatives, and operators on a mission to use the past to build the future. 

Our motivation is and always will be the same. What others see as textile ‘waste’, is actually invaluable and essential raw material that must be regenerated and reintegrated into supply chains over and over again. 

For 2023, we look to achieve the following goals:

  • Build a comprehensive solution to collect end-of-life textiles. By January 2025, we aim to cumulatively divert 10 million pounds of textile waste. This material will be converted into cycora® as we progressively achieve scale.
  • Increase our production capacity and commercialize Ambercycle technology. We have increased our product output by 25x since 2019. 2023 will be an inflection point to achieve scale.
  • Seamlessly integrate our materials into and across the global value chain. We will invest in customer education and build tailored solutions to support the fashion industry’s goal of net zero GHG emissions by 2050. 

As we set off into these next twelve months, we are grateful for those who support us. Thank you to our investors, supply chain partners, brand partners, our vibrant community and of course, our mega-talented team. 

Together with you, we’re going all the way to create a new material future for apparel. 

See you there, 
Shay & Moby

In Memoriam, Lars Stigsson 

Lars Stigsson was a chemical engineer and visionary entrepreneur. He was a long-time supporter of Ambercycle, and a true builder. 

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