Decarbonizing fashion through circularity

Ambercycle’s Molecular Regeneration

At Ambercycle, we're changing humanity's relationship with materials, starting with fashion. We believe textiles are valuable materials that should be completely regenerative the way basic materials are in nature. Our technology enables circular fashion, by unlocking the creation of decarbonized raw materials from end of life goods. cycora®, our high-quality regenerated polyester, is our first product that offers the same strength and versatility as virgin polyester, at less than half the CO2 emissions associated with petroleum-based fibers.



Shredded textiles are fed into a series of reactors to separate the base materials that are commonly found in clothing.



Additives like dyes and finishes are removed to further purify the raw materials at a molecular level.



The purified regenerated polyester is reconstituted into virgin-grade cycora® pellets.

Seamless Integration

cycora® pellets are spun into new fibers and yarns for use in premium cycora fabrics. We work with mill partners and brands worldwide, seamlessly integrating into their existing supply chains, bringing the fashion industry one step closer to material harmony.

Environmental Impact

cycora® regenerated material offsets close to half the CO2 emissions associated with virgin-polyester production. Industry-wide adoption of our technology is predicted to offset more than 15% of fashion’s overall global emissions. When you add in the CO2 avoided from incineration in landfills, the environmental benefits far outweigh traditional petroleum-based textiles.

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