Can I donate my clothing to Ambercycle?
You mean that pile sitting in the corner of your bedroom? Yes, we will start collecting donations soon. We’ll take anything you don’t want though we most enjoy high polyester content items that can’t be reused or resold.

When can I purchase Ambercycle yarn?
We’re currently testing various yarns for commercial use — follow us for updates on brand, product, and collection updates.

What type of recycling process does Ambercycle use to break down textiles?
We have a green chemistry process, which breaks down heterogeneous materials and allows us to collect virgin-grade polyester.

What does “heterogeneous” mean?
Heterogeneous refers to blended fibers and fabrics; for example, a 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester blend. Historically, recycling methods are limited to 100% “pure” source materials. Our technology can process any blend of materials. Not to be confused with “heterogenous” which means “originating outside of an organism” (the more you know).

Where does Ambercycle source end-of-life textiles and garments?
We work with local manufacturers and brands to collect textiles and garments that typically end up in landfill. If you have textiles you’d like us to take off your hands, drop us a note here (textiles only, please).

Where is Ambercycle located?
Los Angeles, CA

Does Ambercycle have an internship program?
Not currently but we have plans for that in the future.

Are you hiring?
Check out our Career listing(s).

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